Incapable, the music video announcement


I decided to give this song to my good friend, Madison MacDonald, an extremely talented dancer who brings so much emotion to her performances. I was on the verge of tears while filming this video with the best all-female team I could ask for, RaySquared - Ray² Productions & Ashli Maria Scott. I knew they could capture the battle with anxiety and depression that this song deals with.

Recently, someone told me I look sad when I perform. I am. I haven't released this information on the Fairy Bones page publicly yet because the words escape me. Recently, we lost our best friend and our manager, Sam. He was essential not only to our band, but to our lives. I feel everything we do will be dedicated to him in some way from here on out. His influence on my art and my life is endless, personally.

This video will come out in July. I hope it will be a positive force for those who deal with mental health issues and those who feel lost or who have lost. Know that we are always here for you, you are not alone and you will survive.

We will be posting more content online as we take this time to decide what comes next for live performances. You can subscribe to our YouTube page to get notifications when we drop the video - You can listen to the song here: Thank you.


Chelsey Richard